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Awakening Path

Registration - Awakening into Divine Reality Sessions
See the separate Pay Pal button on the left and below
See instructions below 

Registration options to the left are to register/pay for the following -
Please review descriptions below before selecting.
1. Sunday Satsang 
2. Individual Satsang  
3. Wednesday Satsang
4. Purchase a copy of the book Journey to the Eternal:  
    Returning Home to God
5. Healing Hatred for Copies/Cores
6. Healing Particulate Foreign Matter
7. Group Healing
8. Group Healing
9. Awakening Courses (see separate Pay Pal buttons on lower left)

Note - 
All remote sessions require payment prior to start of session. 
All sessions may be joined by audio once payment is received - please register on a day prior to the day of the session. Directions for remote audio participation provided upon registration.  Remote participation by audio has limited availability.

1. Remote Satsang:

Individuals wishing to participate in Satsang but are unable to due to 
1) health reasons or 
2) are away from the Calgary area 

may register for a remote satsang. Remote satsangs will take place at the same time as a scheduled satsang. All times scheduled are in mountain standard time (2 hours earlier than Eastern Std time or 1 hour later than Pacific time). Check schedule for the next available satsang.  

During Satsang, sit quietly and remain in your heart.
​Hold the intention to surrender all ego to the Divine.
When feeling drowsy, feel the Love of the Divine and focus on the Light.
Do not cross your legs or ankles. Sitting in lotus or half lotus is fine.
When having Satsang in a time zone when it is time for sleep, your Inner Beingness / Divine Spirit rests during night sleep so Ego will not be dissolved if one falls asleep.
The sole intention while participating in Satsang is that of surrendering Ego; if one is unable to do this or is engaged otherwise eg. driving, then participation at another time is recommended.

2. Individual Satsang 
All are welcome to have an Individual Satsang.

3. Knowing the Divine's Love
These Wednesday sessions are for the people to receive the 
Divine's Love. 

4. Book Purchases
Books may be purchased on site at satsangs. Books may also be purchased on-line and shipped to you. Book purchases will be sent to North American locations with the cost of shipping and handling added as COD. For orders outside of North America, please email your request.  

5. Healing Hatred for Copies / Cores

6. Healing Particulate Foreign Matter

7. Group Healing 
    (Karmic Exchange for Group Healing depends on specific session
     Check invitation for cost)

8. Group Healing
    (Karmic Exchange for Group Healing depends on specific session
     Check invitation for cost)

9. Awakening Courses (see lowest set of paypal buttons on left)
Course participants must register for each course 48-hours in advance of each session. 

Remote sessions will be available to those who live outside or are currently away from the Calgary area.  They will also be available by special permission.

Our Being is consciousness that flows with the spiritual universe and the physical realm. When all of consciousness in a Being does not flow with one purpose, the portion that leaves the flow of our Being is grouped together in an unnatural cluster. This cluster is dense and causes our Being to come into human form again and again because it is like a weight that pulls us to the surface world. Until we give up what we have become in this cluster, consciousness is not in free flow with its Being. The density of the physical plane is a metaphor, a reflection of Beings of consciousness that are mired by attachments to the Earth plane. In the universe, we fall like gravity into a realm that matches our density. Our existence in human form is also a symbol of our debt to the Eternal, because every temptation we have succumbed to is embodied by unnatural clusters of consciousness that weigh us to the Earth plane.
(from Our Density p. 43, Journey to the Eternal: Returning Home to God)
Please Note: Pay Pal sends a registration notice to us immediately after payment. Your payment constitutes your only notice that you have successfully enrolled to participate in satsang, healing etc. There will be no further confirmation notice to you following your payment.

*Short messages may be added to the Instructions to Merchants section.
Pay Pal payments are in CAD. You do not need a Pay Pal account to register or pay.  
Payments for all sessions are due at the beginning of each session.
Refunds for unattended sessions are provided 
10-14 days following the missed session.
Payments for all sessions constitute ​an agreement with session attendees that they are at choice regarding their willingness to participate in the directives offered to come into the Light ie surrender their Egos. No person may surrender their Ego without wanting to come into the Light.
Awakening Courses
Available Options:
Level I Course Registration