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Awakening Path

Group Satsangs and Events
​(Please note: all attendees are required to submit to Divine Retribution System for those harming the Light prior to and throughout their sessions with the Divine).


To follow our Being into the depths of Truth requires True faith because we enter into a realm where the physical senses are not permitted. To move within the spiritual realm where we cannot see or hear requires absolute Trust in our Being. Our Being is the central part of ourselves and we are its outer rings, so often we are given only the information needed to follow. We are an appendage of our Being, and in the same way that only certain information is transmitted to move a hand or foot, we are given just enough to follow its lead. To ask us to carry more than we need would contravene a principle of Truth that allows us to live our life lightly, like children, and leaves the weight of our existence to our Being to bear.

(from The Outer Edge of Knowing p. 113, Journey to the Eternal: Returning Home to God)
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Remote Sessions:
Prepayment is required for all remote sessions.
To register for a Remote Session, click here -

Information for session attendees - 
Location and parking for all sessions is provided upon request.
Please arrive 10-15 mins before the start time for all sessions
Remote participation is available to those who live outside Calgary or are currently away from the Calgary area.
All people are asked to keep the air healthy and fragrance-free by wearing unscented products to the sessions.
Karmic exchanges vary per session
Healing sessions require pre-registration via email for acceptability/readiness purposes and may be declined for readiness reasons