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Awakening Path
The Awakening Path

I. Love – 

The fundamental essence of who we are is Love.
Love initiates the changes within a person to realize who they are.
Love is the catalyst for self-recognition as Love itself.
When one self identifies as the Love, they are ready to go into the Light.

The ‘Knowing the Divine’s Love’ Sessions on Wednesday evenings are the first step for the people to work with Us in Truth.

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II. Healings – 

Healings take place in the presence of the Creator of the Universe. They are conducted by Beings from the Higher Realms of Light.

When the Beings of Light heal a person, the person heals holistically to resume identification with themselves as the Light.

People who come for healings are helped spiritually so that physical, mental, and emotional healing occurs.

By healing from within, a person attains awareness of him/herself to awaken out of Illusion regarding unwellness arising from an Untrue State of Being. True Healing occurs only when realizing one cannot heal that which is not of Divine origin. 

III. Divine Light Sessions – 

Divine Light sessions are held periodically to help a person advance on their Spiritual Path.

These group sessions include many facets of spiritual existence one does not normally recognize to be themselves. They include Knowingness, Timelessness, and Love of the Divine.

People are encouraged to take in these sessions as they intensively return a person to their original state as Divine Beings of Light.

During these sessions, the Healing Beings intensively remove blockages and restore connections that allow characteristics of Light to come forward into the Physical Realm of Existence.

IV. Transmution of Ego – 

During Satsang, Ego is transmuted so that Lines of Light that make up an individual can be activated in Truth. These Lines of Light can only be activated when one surrenders their Ego.

The process of Ego transmution takes place under the guidance of Beings of Light. When one accepts their Divine State as pure and perfect Light, all else experienced in non-Love is surrendered in light of full acknowledgment of this Knowingness.

Satsang is for those who practice daily meditation and are interested in knowing themselves as Beings of Light with Love as their primary State of Being.

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When one becomes aware of their spiritual nature, they are called to realize the entirety of their True Nature as Spiritual Beings. What this entails is complete relinquishment of all that one knows of as oneself. This, in turn brings one to know oneself without Illusion and without Pain and Suffering. The Light process given herein allows for this unveiling to take place.

We invite the people to come…

– the Divine Beings